Sculpture Workshop with Jason Arkles

Sculpture Composition Sketching in Wax

Dates: 21-22 April 2018

In this weekend intensive course, learn how to design single and multifigure compositions using the practice of sketching in wax, the traditional way sculptors prepared for the creation of large scale, complex statuary.  Students will learn not only how to quickly build up a small figure in wax using canons of proportion and a few key anatomical points, but also the historical vocabulary of poses in both single and multi-figure compositions, how drapery and objects reinforce the pose and complete compositions, how action, movement through time, and narrative are implied in a static sculpture, and how to develop a compositional idea for a narrative sculpture, from initial concept through to a finished sketch. Each student will complete several small sketches in wax. This course is suitable to those who have previous experience in figure modeling.